Bag-in-Box Technology and Nature

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The advantages of packaging technology bag-in-box is not only utilized by producers, distributors or clients but also by the nature.

The principle of Bag-in-Box packaging is to fill the beverage into a multi-layer bag with a lock, which is put into a cardboard box. The special multi-layer material and the lock prevent from air access before and after opening; the function of the cardboard box is to protect the bag and its content from damages.

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Bag-in-Box packaging itself is characterized by low weight and the solution of its content is definitely economic. Thanks to these facts it lowers production, transportation and storage costs, as it occupies about 50% less space then glass or PET bottles and jerry cans. 

The main advantages of Bag-in-Box packaging

  • long shelf life of beverages
  • ecological solution: the package is made of recyclable materials
  • low cost and easy handling during transport and storage

Bag-in-Box is an easy way how to minimalize the burden on the environment

For production, transportation and storage of Bag-in-Box packages less energy is consumed; by choosing BIB, tons of packaging materials could be saved. The structure of BiB is made of 75% paper and paperboard, which are easily and completely recyclable, yet packaging has a very low carbon footprint.

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The Unique Juice Bar Concept 

J&B Unique offers you The Unique Juice Bar Concept. Our specialty is our own technical development of cold and non-cold drink dispenser systems and satisfying client's wishes for a healthy and tasty drinking regime. We can also solve the complete range of juices, syrups, isotonic drinks intended for drinking regime requirements in workplaces, gastro establishments, hotels, fast food restaurants and households.
Our goal is to provide guidance to our partner for the efficient functioning of the entire system. The support covers the initial training, the ongoing development of education, sales materials, marketing, IT and technical support. We know that the habits and customs in European countries are different and we are ready to provide you with an appropriate concept.