J&B Unique

In J&B Unique we primary specialize in technical development of cold and non-cold drink dispenser systems and in creation of new concentrate flavors. Thanks to that we offer the Juice Bar, a great, easy to use solution and Unique Drink collection with a wide range of juice flavors. 

We can also provide reliable technical servis, sales materials and various accessories. We offer personalized solutions via wide range of sortiment and services for offices, catering facilities, hotels, restaurants, fast foods and households. Thanks to these, we can provide pleasure from the flavors of our fruit and vegetable drinks whenever and wherever you are. Our main aim is to make beverage dispensing easier and to turn it into tasty moments of refreshment.

You can choose from the juices with 100% or 50% of fruit and vegetable content, interensing combinations of fruit and herb, refreshing ice tea or isotonic drinks. We have developed the flavor of all of our drink concentrates.

Now we offer you our Unique Juice Bar concept as a solution for beverage dispensing together with our knowledge and customer oriented services. Thanks to our quality products of Unique Technology and Unique Drink we help to turn a glass of juice into an experience full of taste and color.



We only use quality products: all of our concentrates are made without artificial colors, preservatives, aspartame and acesulfame. Concentrates with 50% fruit and vegetable content are also without artificial sweeteners.